June 22-26, 2025, HUNGEXPO, Budapest, Hungary


Acute Rhinosinusitis
Allergic Rhinitis
Benign nasal tumours
CRS – diagnosis and investigations
CRS – medical management (excluding biologics)
CRS – biologics
CRS – outcome assessment
CRS – pathophysiology
CRS – surgical management
CSF leaks; diagnosis and management
Epistaxis and HHT
Facial Pain
Facial Plastic surgery beyond the nose
Granulomatous diseases of the nose
Imaging and investigations
Lacrimal Surgery
Nasal and facial trauma
Non-allergic rhinitis
Orbital surgery
Paediatric rhinology
Pituitary Surgery
Rhinology – miscellaneous
Septal and turbinate surgery
Sinonasal malignancy
Skull base surgery
Smell and taste
Snoring and OSA
Technological advances